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Weapon Retention Skills

This 6-8 hour course is adapted from the Criminal Justice Standards curriculum taught to Law Enforcement Officers to maintain control of their sidearms during a violent physical confrontation.


Responsibly armed citizens must remember that during any confrontation, a weapon IS always present that can suddenly come under the control of their adversary!  The mastery of all aspects of the tools they chose to carry to protect themselves and their loved ones is a serious commitment. 


Students will need:


  • Common everyday clothing, belt and holster system (NO "tactical" clothing or gear unless that is what you wear everyday to work, shopping, etc.)
  • Unloaded firearm with spare empty magazines or revolver reloaders.  A physical search of all bags, containers, pouches, pockets, persons, etc. WILL be conducted prior to the start of class.  NO LIVE AMMUNITION IN THIS CLASS!!
  • Inert dummy rounds will be supplied BY US for any required mechanical funtion drills.
  • Water bottle and bag lunch, we will have a cooler and cold water for refill on site.
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