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Armed Security

We have affiliated with an experienced Florida "K" licensed Firearms Instructor who Manages and Instructs for a Security Company which is licensed to provide "D" (unarmed) and "G" (armed) licensed training, certificaton and re-certification .    Rather than try to re-invent the wheel; we will put you in contact with this resource and let you deal directly with them; call us for specific contact information.






Aerosol Defensive Sprays

Aerosol Defensive Sprays are an awesome tool for various self defense application including two and four legged predators!  But beware getting your training and advice from the manufacturer or distributor!  That's like taking car advice from a used car salesman!  Of course THEIR product is the best, and has THIS or THAT advantage over the others!  Seriously?!

We train you to use the agents in the most effective manner, under various conditions regardless of WHAT you've purchased or from WHO!  Our training courses have been refined by our Instructors from direct observations, personal exposures and experiences in HUNDREDS  of live agent deployments on hostile subjects with various agents and delivery systems over 20+ years.    Get your training from somebody who has actually used the tool, rather than from somebody who is just trying to close a sale based on commissions and market share!  We conduct this training for $25 per person in open or closed private groups at our location or yours, with agents you supply or with ours. 




Electrical Devices

So much bad information is out there we get a little dizzy and nauseated listening to the "...a guy told me..." stories!  Free bit of training advice:  Handheld, direct contact "stun-guns" DO NOT WORK as they do in the movies!  Nobody is falling down unconscious or seizing after getting touched on the arm or side with any direct contact device you can buy at the flee market!   Dart firing devices; (commonly called EMD’s) ARE awesomely effective on a totally different scale!  That is why you see Law Enforcement Agencies issuing dart firing EMD’s and not direct contact devices!  Civilians can purchase dart firing units from several sources now; and these are a great defensive tool to have; so long as you understand their intended proper use, effective deployment strategies and have been properly trained to use them.  Leave the “stun-guns” to the guys on youtube using them for practical jokes…..that is all they’re good for!  All of our Instructors have used EMD’s on the job and have personally received deployments themselves during their training.

Public Safety De-escalation Tactics for Military Veterans In Crisis  -  8 hr course


"Public Safety De-escalation Tactics for Military Veterans in Crisis" (PSDTMVC) focuses on strengthening the skills and capacity of Law Enforcement Officers and educates relevant Public Safety Personnel in responding to a wide variety of calls for service involving Military Veterans in crisis and their families.


Triple Arc Training Group employs a sworn Officer who is also a Military Veteran himself and is a certified "train the trainer" in this program under the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute program.  We feels so strongly in the need for this program we do not charge a class or instruction fee!  This training is FREE to all Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, Fire Service and Security personnel.  There is a fee of $30 if participants wish to obtain a copy of the 200+ page training manual.


Check the calendar for the next scheduled presentation; or call 386-259-0572 or email if you have any questions.

EDP Awareness and Management for First Responders and Security                 [4 hr class]


Our Instructors have successfully applied techniques and tactics learned in advanced and specialized training programs taught by Mental Health, Social Service and Behavioral Science Professionals to help Law Enforcement Officers better recognize, communicate and provide service to Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP's) that may be acting out in the public arena creating hazardous conditions for themselves, the general public and responders.


This course introduces the best practices approach for First Responders and Security Staff that may be the first line of contact for these interactions.  Proper Awareness, Recognition and De-escalation may prevent a minor brief contact from rapidly becoming a critical incident with injuries and negative national headlines.   $50 per student includes all training materials.


Check the calendar for the next scheduled course; call 386-259-0572 or email to register or for more information.

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