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Massad Ayoob Group - "Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement" - MAG-20 Classroom

This is the 20-hour classroom portion of the Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 Course; considered by many to be the gold standard for the training of law abiding citizens in the use of necessary lethal force in defense of self or others.  This course is taught by Massad Ayoob personally.


This is a two-day, 20-hour immersion course in rules of engagement for armed law-abiding private citizens, emphasizing legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management.  Topics will include interacting with suspects, witnesses, responding police officers…threat recognition and mind-set…management of social and psychological aftermath after having had to use lethal force in defense of self or others…and preparing beforehand for legal repercussions and minimizing exposure to them.  Situations in the home, at the place of business, or “on the street” will all be covered.


Selection of optimum firearms, ammunition, holsters and other accessories is covered but not emphasized.  This is a “software” course more than a “hardware” course, devoted to the legal, ethical and moral parameters of defending oneself and others with deadly force.  The two points of emphasis are “street survival” and “court survival.”  


Throughout this course, the focus is on developing a mindset that will allow you to cope with life-threatening stress, while remaining on solid legally defensible ground in a court of law.  Judges and attorneys who’ve taken the course say that the deadly force training covered, far exceeds that taught in law school; police instructors who’ve taken this two-day, intensive lecture and video program agree that it goes far beyond police academy training in this topic.


Graduates of this course can subsequently take the two-day, 500 round,  MAG-20 "Live Fire" Course; becoming eligible for full MAG-40 certification;  subject to passing the written classroom exam and police-style live-fire qualification.


Tuition: $400


Personal Checks, Money Orders or Credit Card information must be sent WITH the completed registration form at least two weeks prior to class date to ensure seating.  Make checks or money orders payable to:


     Triple Arc Training

     226 N. Nova Road #102

     Ormond Beach, FL  32174


Include e-mail contact information to recieve confirmation and class location information and directions.


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