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This isn't one of the fly-by-night "certification" courses held at the local fleamarket or gunshow where the "instructor" simply tells you how to fill out the already self-explanatory State of Florida application and have you shoot a wax bullet into a bucket of sand!


We actually explain to you what you need to know regarding the rules and regulations under Florida statutes, ensure you can safely handle your firearm AND are capable of hitting your target!


Taught by experienced Firearms Instructors who are all either Active or Retired Law Enforcement or Military personnel with additional Instructor Certifications; our program is designed to provide the student with information, instruction and skills regarding the rights, responsibilities and burdens of Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW) in the State of Florida.  We cover:

  • Appropriate Weapon and Ammunition Selection
  • Holster / Carry options
  • Safe Weapon Handling Techniques
  • Storage / Transport / Security issues
  • Accurate Close Distance Shooting Techniques
  • "Shoot / No-Shoot" scenarios
  • "After Action" Procedures / Responsibilities 

This is a fast paced and active course where you will fire both Revolvers and/or Semi-auto Handguns in multiple calibers including .22 long rifle, .38 Special and 9mm.  If you have your own handgun we will still supply the ammo, if readily available.  Eye and ear protection is provided.  Contact us prior to purchasing a handgun, as we have various makes, models, calibers available for loan.


$65 / per student if pre-paid and pre-registered

$75 / per student for walk-ins or paying day of class



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A proud Massad Ayoob Group affiliate!

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Triple Arc Training Group
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Holly Hill, FL  32117





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