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This course will focus on developing the skills necessary for the use of the Shotgun for personal protection of self and family.  This is not a point scoring style course, this is about use of the shotgun platform for self defense under imminent threat.


Target Sighting

Threat Awareness

Accurate shots on target


Shooting From Compromised Positions

Clearance Drills

Family Member Instructions

Transitioning to other weapons

and Much More!


Requirements:  Basic Understanding of Firearms Safety, Eye and Ear Protection, Shotgun (any caliber, or action style), a Shotgun Sling, NORMAL EVERYDAY clothing (No tactical rigs or duty belts unless that is what you wear to work and shopping!)  50 Rounds of field load, 10 rounds of Buck shot.  Three magazines. Pistol with 50 rounds of range ammo, concealment holster and two magazines.  

A proud Massad Ayoob Group affiliate!

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