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This eight hour program will help equip students to more effectively conceal weapons on or about their person in compliance with Florida Statutes; while also keeping them quickly accessible for use during a life threatening encounter and preventing themselves from being disarmed.


Multiple carry options will be demonstrated and discussed with opportunities for students to safely try various carry and retrieval options in real world scenarios under the guidance of experienced instructors who carry concealed weapons on a daily basis.


  • Learn to rapidly draw from concealment and engage targets using your everyday concealed carry gear wearing clothing you are most likely to actually be dressed in.
    • Normal everyday dress is recommended, with your everyday carry holster.
    • No specialized “range clothing”, gear or carry rigs.
  • We will address real world dynamics of concealed carry, fashion issues, gear selection, placement, access, "Off Body" carry such as purses, backpacks, etc.
  • Learn to gain the “time/distance” advantage with movement techniques.
    • We will demonstrate and you will practice dynamic movements otherwise not allowed on most ranges with live weapons.
  • Close Contact/Reactive Shooting – Target engagement at real world violence distances inside 7 feet to direct contact, incorporating movement techniques to clear the threat zone.
  • Handgun retention mindset, tactics and techniques.
  • Target engagement from standing, kneeling, prone, supine, lateral recumbent and transitional positions likely to be encountered in a dynamic physical confrontation.
  • Accurate shot placement from odd angles, with weak hand, strong hand, and firearm manipulation with simulated injuries to either or both hands


Due to the current state of high ammunition prices and limited availability this course is set to use no more than 150 rounds of ammunition.   If necessary we can provide range ammo for 9mm, .380 ACP, .357 Sig., .40 S&W, and .45 ACP for an additional fee on the day of the course, must make your order in advance!


150 rounds of ammo will be used during this course.


$175.00/per student - Normally a valid Concealed Carry License (from any State) is a prerequisite for this training.  But due to the high volume of applications being submitted the State of Florida is running severely behind in processing.  Therefore, if you have already attended a Concealed Weapon License pre-requisite course; but have not yet recieved your license; you may still attend this training session, but this course will NOT suffice as pre-licensure training.

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